Light on the Land

Between the Forest and the River

The area of land along the bank of a river is called a Riparian Zone. This interface between a forest and a river is incredibly important for the health of the waterway and therefore, the plants and animals that call it home.

In a Riparian Zone, the trees of the forest shade the river and limit the temperature change of the waters which is vital for the health of fish and other aquatic animals. These same trees and other vegetation along the bank of a river also provide soil support and act as a biofilter to prevent erosion and pollutants from contaminating the waters.

Land Untouched

Not only does the vegetation in these zones provide nutrients to the river, they also attract bugs and insects which feed the waterways and the fish within it.

At Burma Road Estates, we have designated a 10 acre section of land that serves as the interface between our development and the Elk River to be maintained as a Riparian Zone. It is our hope that this land will remain untouched to allow the animals, river, and marine life that depend on it to continue to flourish. Our decision to be light on the land and live within our natural environment is an incredibly important part of what we do and is something that makes us unique.

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