Fernie Real Estate, Land and Lots For Sale – Burma Road Estates


1 . support (a tree or plant) with a stake or stakes.
2 . mark an area with stakes so as to claim ownership of it.

Staking a house (or a claim) is an ancient tradition. From the earliest times man used markers to define the bounds of a claimed territory. In surveying, key stakes determine the position the other metes and bounds, the boundaries of all the lots deriving from a single super accurate stake.

The other day, the first house was staked out at Burma Road Estates. Little orange tipped stakes now stand scattered in the wild flowers of the meadow. The drawings will soon come out of the City of Fernie Building Department and the grading will start to lay the footings and foundation.

In visioning a house, this is the first stage. Where will the house sit? What direction will the living room face? If we place it here, will the driveway be too steep? Or over here?

All questions easy to answer with a bit of thought.


And then it’s time for the backhoe.

Dig on. Dig on.