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Often the empty page or the blank slate becomes daunting, foreboding. How do I start? What is the correct first stroke?

Building a home from scratch, from the bare ground to moving in and cooking your first meal is even more daunting. The process combines the talents and skills of a broad based team–from an architect/designer to a plumber to an electrician to a whole raft of carpenters. And then there is the guy on the backhoe who digs the foundation. And there is. . .the list goes on and on. Seemingly endless by the end of the project. But the day you move in, it’s yours, all yours.

But. . . It should not be daunting. It should be fun and a fulfilling joy.

Designing/building a home is a bit like a Lego project. You start with your favorite pieces. Once you have them in front of you, you move them around until they fit.

“I like the Miller’s living room.”

“I like the MacDonald’s deck and how it fits with the living room.”

“I like the master suite at Jim and Betsey’s house.”

And then you take the pieces and make them work.

“The room needs to be four feet wider.”

“The kitchen should be on the east end so it gets the morning light.”

“I want to sit in the living room and see Mt. Fernie.”

Pretty soon, you have a rough sketch of a house. The bones. Then you find someone who designs homes and start on the drawings. Find someone who likes and appreciates the same aesthetic. If you like double pitched roofs and shingles, find someone who designs houses with double pitched roofs. If you like timber frame, find someone who designs timber frames. Every designer has a range of taste and skills. Find one with a similar taste to yours.

Don’t be shy. It’s your house. Make it your house. The designer’s role is take your blocks and to realize your home.

Then build it. That’s the easy part once you have the drawings, You know where all the parts go. This block here. That block there. You’ve put the Lego’s together and it all fits.

It’s your house. Enjoy it.