Fernie Real Estate, Land and Lots For Sale – Burma Road Estates

Burma Road Estates Open House Sunday July 24, 10 to 2

Size matters, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If it didn’t matter, everyone would be giving away the farm unbroken, not parsing it out in little postage stamp sized building lots.

A standard city lot is 60’ by 100’. 6000 square feet. 0.14 of an acre. When the City of Fernie allowed the “small lot subdivision” of a city lot (SL-1) to create greater density in Maintown and the Annex, they allowed lots in the 3000 square foot range. Initially (100 years ago) folks were happy with a 600 square foot miner’s shack on a 3000 square foot lot. A small lot worked just fine. Look around. The houses fit. Today everyone seems to wants the biggest house possible (remember, size does matter) and the new little lots were built to the max. Now we have a bunch of very little on the first floor, very tall (max height) houses on lots better suited to one story miner’s shack. And there’s a moratorium on new SL-1 subdivisions.

The answer is realistically look at what you want. If you want a bit of room, a lot of privacy with exceptional views, look to Burma Road Estates. The lots in Burma Road Estates are one acre. More than seven times the size of a city lot. Burma Road Estates is in the City of Fernie. The lots all have city water, sewer, gas, power and phone to the lot line—just like in Maintown and the Annex. The lots are open, broad and deep with expansive views across the valley. There’s room to spread out. You can build a 2000 square foot house, a two car garage, plant a 40’ by 60’ garden and still not touch 80% of your land.

Fernie Real Estate, Land and Lots For Sale – Burma Road Estates

Cost? Simple. Less, if you look at the big picture. A city lot runs close to $200,000. For less than half that much again, less than $300,000, you get a full acre. The equivalent of more than seven city lots. Seven city lots. All yours.

Do the math.

Look out the window at your neighbor’s new orange toothbrush and Crest toothpaste this morning and think about Burma Road Estates.

Room to build what you want. Room to stretch out. Room to remain private. And unequaled views from the Lizard Range to Mt. Proctor.

All at a price that seems to makes complete sense.

You can’t ask for more.

Look at Burma Road Estates this weekend at the Open House

Sunday July 24th from 10 to 2.

Because size really does matter.