Fernie Real Estate, Land and Lots For Sale – Burma Road Estates

Outside my office window a northern flicker raps on the metal chimney cap next door.

Ratta tap tap tap tap.

Ratta tap tap tap tap.

After wintering down south, he’s returned to Canada, to Fernie, to summer. It is spring. He’s trying to attract a mate. Then the two of them will fly off and build a nest. Flickers nest most often in hollowed out tress. The two birds will take turns rapping at the tree and dig out a nest. Occasionally, they pick other locations. The upper façade of 901 Fernie is a favorite, much to the chagrin of the more permanent non-avian residents.

The point of taking note of the flicker is the nesting urge brought about by the arrival of spring. This is the time of year everyone thinks of nesting. Of building a nest and settling in.

So when that urge hits, ratta tap tap up up to Burma Road Estates.

Trees, meadows, mountain and river views. This is a place to nest.